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November 25, 2015

•    I talked a lot about performance anxiety, and what the cause and solution is through golf.
•    I answered a pool player who can’t shut off the negative voice in his head.
•    I gave a tip for how to deliver information to others “under the radar” (great for teaching kids or any other stubborn people)
•    I went to the core of clearing “fear of failure”
•    I answered a soccer mom who’s son has “fear of success” which is not uncommon and often misdiagnosed by coaches and parents

Audio Version

Video part 1

Video part 2

December 2, 2015

    • Pool player with physical nervousness and other interference with play in competition
    • Coached a Dad of a 14 year old basketball player who is small for his age. Kids place huge value on identity as an athlete and are scared to lose that.
    • What/How to teach equestrian riders about Fear.
    • How to get info into the unconscious mind
    • How to help athletes with injuries – 3 phases to full recovery
    • Tennis player pressure to get a scholarship. How to keep motivation up to keep working hard.
    • Soccer player struggling first year of college. Used to dominate in High School. New perspectives on his ADHD diagnosis

Audio Part 1

Audio Part 2

Video Part 1

Video Part 2


December 9, 2015

In this session, I covered:

  • “Question for the call – I’m working with two 60+ years old triathletes and the both think that age is affecting their performance. It might be true to certain degree, but it also sounds like a limiting belief???”
  • “Hi Craig I spoke to you a while back about my anxiety before games im a professional soccer player from UK and I  listen to the visualisations every night off the academy programme which has helped so much I understand how to control my emotions now which I never thought I would be able to do I’m not sick before games and feel so much calmer..but I’m at the stage now where I feel so calm that I don’t get as fired up but I don’t mind that because it’s almost like training where I feel so relaxed and am unplayable. My biggest problem is I just can’t push my self in games and am happy with the fact I feel good when playing. I keep shouting at myself in my head come on get on the ball but just don’t seem to want it all the time I should be so more confident but for some reason take the easy option too often, my manager says “he wants me to be positive I don’t know how good I am” but something blocks it in games. Obviously I do it sometimes but not all the time which is a big problem any advise?”
  • “I’m working with a triathlete who is away from home for long stretches of time, and he mentioned that “wife is not supportive”… it’s a tough one… how can he address that?”


  • Lately i am finding that my performance on the driving range is almost
    stroke perfect and on the practice putting greens i always 1  or 2 put
    but on my last visit to a golf course my performance was of a player who recently
    took the game up.
    i have been playing for 40 years and it is true to say my practice performance is way superior
    than how i actually play the the game i have only broke 85 once in my life and my current handicap is  18   i am 76 in December  perhaphs i am expecting too much of myself
    but the transition from say a 6 handicapper on the range to a 22 handicapper on the
    course is a real bummer.
    they say its a mental problem and i guess it must be as i am reasonably fit and agile for my age
    driver distance average  240 meteres  7 iron 140
    Be pleased to hear your comments

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