Please watch my message below as it has the foundation for achieving personal mental toughness.

Also, if you don’t want to wait for my full personal mental toughness program which is coming in 2016, and you see the efficacy of what I am teaching…

I tell you what…. if you get on board with the Advanced Mental Toughness coaching program today, I will give you the finished Personal Mental Toughness program when it is ready in 2016.

This means, you can get the principles today and ask me, in person on the coaching calls, how to translate your personal situation to the model I discuss in the video below and that is fully taught in the AMT program.

And then when I have the Personal Mental Toughness program ready, you will get that too at no charge.

Ask me questions at any time by replying to any email I send you.

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2 thoughts on “Personal Mental Toughness Message Dec 2015

  1. Leon

    Thank you so much Craig for keeping in touch with your followers. Your video was a much-needed boost to my morale, which has been pretty low for a couple weeks. Wed. before Thanksgiving I took my car into my local garage to have the summer tires removed and snow tires put on. While they had the rims off the mechanic came out to the waiting area and told me I needed new brakes all around, to the tune of almost $700. Ouch! Well, wife and I took her car to the family holiday dinner an hour west of our house and my car sat till the 1st of Dec., which was a payday for military retirees like me. Got the brakes done and while we had her car there we wanted them to do the annual state inspection. Bad tie rod on one side and bad ball joint on the other, can’t finish inspection till those are done. $700 more. Oh, and before the snow tire job we had signed a deal with a contractor to replace our circuit breaker box in our house with a newer model that allows for a permanently-wired-in back-up generator. $1100 down and $700ish to go with him, and he finally got the parts he needed Tuesday after Thanksgiving, but his schedule was booked up so he got to work on our place the following Friday. Thurs. before contractor started our dog went into the vet clinic with extreme blood test numbers from kidney failure. We were hoping after 4 days of IV fluids she would come home the Monday that the contractors finished. When vet clinic opened that morning they found her “breathing regularly but unresponsive” – basically, comatose, resulting from a gran mal seizure. An hour or so later she was gone, and I learned of it from my wife who brought the phone outside while I was with the contractors. Then I got a certified letter from my local gun club where I shoot skeet and use the rifle range to prep for deer and turkey hunting seasons. They kicked me out and refunded my dues for this year based on the argument I had on Nov. 5 with a long-time member who is a bully but since he has been with the club so long nobody has the guts to kick him out. Flashbacks to being bullied as a kid at the school bus stop …. Was hoping to share this with a VA counselor I was supposed to see on Dec. 9th but he called in sick, rescheduled for the 22d. Weird weather and early rut this year pretty much cancelled my chances of putting any venison in the freezer – 60 in north central NY right now, and the final week of the season, for muzzle-loading rifles only, started today, but without a range at least 100 yds. long I have no place to verify my scope is adjusted properly since it got moved around several times since last year.

    Anyway, thanks again for sticking with your cyber-buds like me who don’t have the $ to visit your office. Sorry if I took too much of your time with all that stuff above, but having read and heard you talk about your past troubles and openly share them with us helps me feel comfortable with sharing such stuff with you. You made it through tough times, and even though we are closer to Christmas than Thanksgiving, I am thankful for having crossed paths with you and signed up to partake of your advice. You’re almost like a brother, though being an only child makes it difficult for me to be really sure how that feels.

    Might have to get the golf clubs out of winter retirement if this weather keep going the way it has the last 2 weeks !

  2. Craig Sigl Post author

    Leon! You are very welcome and I’m glad my stories and advice give you comfort. Geez, you’ve been hit with everything all at the same time! Hang in there… God and the Universe have a tendency to even things out over the long run it seems to me! You should be playing golf in your mind during the winter…I am! Every night as I fall asleep I work on the 2 concepts that got me to breaking 80. Square and Point and pushing the ball in on short putts.
    Greens and Fairways,


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