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10 thoughts on “6 Figures As A Mental Coach (Replay)

  1. Craig Sigl Post author

    Hi Karen, thanks for asking. The answer comes from an understanding of how athletes operate and then you just keep asking the question “Why does the athlete do this?” until you get to one of a handful of very common interfering belief programs that I’ve seen over the years.

  2. Charlie Fish

    Do you still have any openings for your trainings? If so, how soon is the training going to be starting? I’ve been dragging my feet but I really have to make a decision on what Is going to be my primary niche in this field of hypnosis. Right now I seem to be looking into many different directions and going nowhere. Thanks for your time.

  3. Anthony Nowak

    My focus when I started looking into the whole mental toughness coaching was for something to help my son get over his stump he is a 8 yr old wrestler he is with his 2nd wrestling club which I sit in as his coach as well as other children in the program. I believe this is what is missing from not only our team but all the others as well. I would like to set my focus learning anything and everything you may offer and use it not nessisarlly for profitable gain but have something to give back to the children and help them be mentally focused not just on wrestling or football but life as well.

  4. Craig Sigl Post author

    My regular programs for athletes would be a great start to your learning. For an 8-year old, the mental toughness academy is perfect for both of you.

    If you are ever ready to do this kind of work for people as a full or part time business, then schedule a time with me here: https://mentaltoughnesstrainer.com/apply

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